Work With Me

Though your journey may be different than mine, I can tell you it is possible to find your way in this new life after loss. My goal is to help you get through this chapter of your life with less pain and more grace, growth & authenticity.  So think of my services like a personal training session for your heart & soul. It may be time to take your growth & healing to the next level if: You want to be able to enjoy your life again without feeling guilty You need to connect with someone who actually understands what you are going through You are considering getting pregnant again but feel yourself being held back by fear & grief you find yourself getting caught in a spirals of hurt, anguish and overwhelm you want to feel less anxious and more calm, confident and in control of your life HERE ARE THREE WAYS TO WORK WITH ME 1. THE SELF-CARE POWER HOUR A SELF-CARE POWER HOUR Session is a lux opportunity to step away of the demands of your daily life to focus on your own health and healing. Here, we will expand insight, ignite momentum and fast forward your return … Continue reading Work With Me