3 Ways to Show up after they Let You Down: Holiday Mini-Retreat


Does it feel like some people expect you to just forget about your grief so you don’t disrupt their holiday events?

Like you should just go back to your “old self” so that none of the family traditions have to change?

Or maybe you are dreading hanging out with the people who have never even acknowledged your loss?

This video going to change all of that.

In this replay of our last Virtual Mini-Retreat, I’m guiding you through 3 ways to step out of the hurt and into your power this holiday season.

Grab a cup of tea, your journal and get cozy.

Settle in and watch the replay here:

Here’s what you will learn:

  • the key questions you need to ask yourself to when dealing with people who have disappointed you after your loss
  • how to step more into your role as your baby’s mama this season
  • how to get into alignment with your own truth
  • what’s the real reason you’re attending the events that stress you out

I hope you love this conversation as much as I do.

And if you could use a little more support right now, here’s a few things that will help make this time of year a little more bearable.

Lots of Love,


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