Give yourself permission to honour all that this experience & your baby's memory means for you.

Feel closer to your baby, but farther from the pain.

Heal your heart

Reset your nervous system,
get more peace, release the self-blame that we all carry after loss, and access deep level healing, insights and guidance
from within.

Comfort your nervous system & heal your heart.

Healing Sessions

I'll help you find ways that work for you to protect your little one's memory, quiet some of the pain, and move through all the changes in your
social circle.

Transform the pain.
Connect to the Love.

Find yourself a cozy little nook in your own home and come meet me in our virtual gathering place. Bring a cup of tea & and a notebook.

Set Up Your
Comfy Cozy Space

Book a time to meet with me solo or with your partner for a private session to get more steady, make more sense of things, and feel more connected, to yourself, your baby and each other.

Book Your
Private Session

how it works

"I am deeply grateful to April for sharing this experience with me. I would wholeheartedly recommend working with April to anyone, even if you don't know exactly what you need out of it."


"The tools I was able to take home from this will help me not only in my grief but in my everyday life as well.


"Honestly, the breathwork part far surpassed my expectations, even with my background in meditation."


"I liked being able to bond with my spouse. Sometimes it feels like we live next each other instead of living with each other because of how we process things. It felt good to feel closer."


"I feel more at peace and more connected with my baby." 

Create your own healing experience at home with gentle, practical guidance to help you to protect your baby's memory, get through the triggers & emotional storms and navigate friendships and relationships after loss.

The Baby Loss Survival Guide Experience

Come join the conversations or just quietly listen in.  This is a free guided healing experience from my heart to yours.

Come connect with a circle of really lovely women who get what you're going through.

Attend a

Step into a circle of support & understanding with other parents who truly get what you're going through.

A place to connect
 with other parents

Create your own healing experience at home with gentle guidance to help you protect your baby's memory & relationships as you heal.

A self-paced guided healing experience 

Figure out what
you need most right now,
calm your nervous system
& use your love as your guide.

A individual
or couples session

what do you need most today?

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connection & care