Losing a baby is kind of like being struck by lightening. We hear of these things happening but we never really imagine it could be us.

Until it is.
And so here we are.   

On the side of motherhood where no one should ever have to find themselves.   

carry your baby's memory with you
as you heal & grow.

Healing Sessions

give yourself some time

So here we are in the land of grief, where the questions are both cruel & relentless...

Your heart has just been smashed into a million pieces. 
The future you so carefully planned is just ….gone. 

Yet strangely, the rest of the world keeps spinning by, totally oblivious to the fact that the sun has just gone out, that everything is different now.

Your friends text to “see how you’re doing,” but then quickly move on to venting about their bosses or their latest fight with their husband; the kind of problems you're incapable of caring about right now. 

Or your sister in law has just announced her pregnancy. And she doesn't seem to understand why you don't really want to hear about it.

The Space Between the Living & the Lost

Am I going to be okay? Are we?


Should we try again? What if...


Is this my fault? Maybe if I hadn't...


Why did this happen?


the questions that keep us all awake

And so very worthy of your intentional time & care,
don't you think?

The possibility of feeling anything other than horrible or empty right now might feel way too far away. And I totally get that.

It's okay to feel everything you're feeling.
It doesn't make you a burden.
It doesn't mean you're doing it wrong.
It doesn't mean something is wrong with you.

Grief is just bigger than us. 
And this heartbreak is massive. It is horrible.

And it's Sacred.


Here's what I want you to know.

You want to honour the magnitude of this heartbreak, while learning to let yourself feel more alive again

You want to go through this carefully & consciously

You want to take care of the pain without getting lost in the suffering

You share my belief that the loss of a baby is one of the worst things anyone could possibly go through and it is so very worthy of our time, care and attention

Is this what you're looking for?

Healings sessions

I'll help you find ways that work for you to protect your little one's memory, quiet some of the pain, and move through all the changes in your
social circle.

Transform the pain.
Connect to the Love.

Find yourself a cozy little nook in your own home and come meet me in our virtual gathering place. Bring a cup of tea & and a notebook.

Set Up Your
Comfy Cozy Space

Book a time to meet with me solo or with your partner for a private session to get more steady, make more sense of things, and feel more connected, to yourself, your baby and each other.

Book Your
Private Session

how it works

I thought I would be raising a little girl named Nora.
Instead she is continuing to teach me to be a stronger woman than I ever wanted to be.

Let's start figuring out what that looks like for you as you let yourself heal and grow, not despite your lost little one, but in loving memory of them.


Create your own
Legacy of Love, whatever that looks like for you.