support & understanding for life after baby loss.

the love & loss project

Comfort & care for Life After Baby Loss

We both know that there's nothing that will take your pain away right now, but I have some things for you that will make it easier to carry.

I'm April Boyd, social worker, psychotherapist, coach & mother to Nora,
a little girl whom I knew only briefly but who forever changed my life.

I'm so sorry to be meeting you on this side of motherhood.

hello mama,

"The first step is the hardest one, and the steps are many but do it for yourself because you deserve it."

retreat participant

"I learned its okay to be sad and miss your baby and it doesn't make me a bad mom
to my new baby."

retreat participant

"The tools I was able to take home from this will help me not only in my grief but in my everyday life as well."


"It will open you up in a good way and bring peace and light about your loss"


I'm with you.

When you lose a baby, you don't just lose your child. You lose your future, your plans, your dreams, your ability to trust life.  

Wrap your loved one in comfort, care & understanding.

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For Friends
& Family

Get new tools, resources and training to help you support your clients and patients through infant loss.


For Professionals

Find your way out of the darkness, without feeling like you're leaving your little one behind.

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For Parents

What do you need today?

comfort & understanding

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Letters of Love & Understanding

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Baby Shower.

Of course, you're happy for your friend, but the sight of her big pregnant belly or happy bouncing newborn right now can trigger a floodgate of pain and devastation that is impossible to adequately put into words.

Here's a few tips and tools to get you through...

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Read. Listen. Heal.

 just for you.

You'd love to connect with someone who really gets it

You know that this experience is so very worthy of some intentional time & care (even if some people seem to be nudging you to "just move on.")

You want to feel closer to your baby, but farther from the pain

A Hope & Healing Session could be really good for you if...

Want to give your nervous system & your heart a little care?