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Here's some helpful tools, books and resources to make life after loss a little easier.

Get 2 Free Audios to
Stop Spiralling & 
Quiet the Self-Attacks

Audios to Quiet the Whys &

Get a notebook, pen and cup of tea and let me take you through 5 ways to get more peace & ease.

Calm the storm
Mini-Retreat Replay

Get letters written by other parents who have experienced loss, sharing support & encouragement.

Letters of Love from Other Moms

Free Gifts For You

comfort & care

Follow along as I share the insights, healing actions and ideas that helped me and my clients carry our babies with us as we let ourselves heal and grow after loss.

let your love for your little one carry you through.

Healing at Home

Create your own Legacy of Love.

Get clear on when you want to speak up, when to let it go, and get scripts and tips to help you let others know what you need- and also when they need to stop saying inappropriate things.

The Courageous Conversations Kit

Learn what to say, what not to say, and how to make offers of support your friend or loved one will actually want to say yes to.

The Best Friend's
Guide to Baby Loss

Anniversary & Birthday
Event Planner

Get Good at Boundaries
Scripts & tips

When They Expect
too much from you

Reset Your Mindset
7 Days to Re-train your Brain

guides, resources & workshop replays to heal, comfort & grow.

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