Calming the Storm: A Retreat for Life after Baby Loss



Do you ever find that it takes everything you’ve got just to make it through the day? Like you are existing in cycling states of anxiety, anger and agony that you can’t really put into words?

This is the emotional storm of surviving life after baby loss -the kind of hell that you can’t really describe to someone who’s never lost a baby.

Grab a tea and get comfy. 


Calming the Storm after Baby Loss Mini-Retreat Replay.


Here’s what I’m going to guide you through during our 90 minutes together:

  • Effective ways to soothe anxiety & overwhelm 
  • Slowing down the emotional roller coaster
  • Reducing reactivity & tension in relationships
  • How to get farther from the pain without feeling farther from your baby’s memory

I created this really easy, accessible healing experience for you after hearing from so many women that really wanted to attend the Life after Loss Retreat we hosted in July but just weren’t able to get there.

I heard you.

So I’m bringing some of the soothing relief of that amazing weekend straight to you.  And you don’t even need to change out of your pyjamas or get off of your couch.


Feel free to reach out and let me know how this landed for you. I’m happy to hear any questions or thoughts you want to share with me.

Lots of Love,




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