I created the Love & Loss Project to help fill the gaps I encountered during my own experience of life after baby loss. 

I believe that the process of healing & growth never reaches a final stage of completion, but instead will simply always be a part of my life, an agonizing and love-filled part of my daughter's story, a story which is now interwoven with yours.

a little girl whom I met only briefly but who has forever changed my life. 

I'm April Boyd,
Coach, Therapist & mother of Nora,

hi there

Thank you for being a part of that
love story with me here.

Even though I had been working as a therapist for nearly 10 years before I lost my daughter, my grief still took me out at the knees.

But I knew if I stayed broken & hollow, that would be how my friends & family would remember my daughter- as a sad & tragic story.

I didn't want my daughter's life to be just a tragedy.  I wanted her memory to also be a Love Story.

So I committed to trying to live my life as brightly as possible in honour of my little one, and began dedicating my work to helping other grieving parents do the same.

Creating a
Legacy of Love 

my story

Your own wellbeing needs to come first right now.  Old habits of people pleasing and over-giving can wait.


Your baby will always be a part of you 


You have the right to feel all that you are feeling.


You are already doing what you thought you couldn't do. Give yourself some credit.


 healing truths

true understanding of the depths of this heartbreak

new ways of navigating relationships, social settings, friends and family after loss

proof that your life will not always feel like a shadow of the one you had planned

ways to protect your heart & your baby's memory as you heal

What you'll find here...

Hope & Healing for your heart

Wrap yourself in gentle care &
understanding with this
guided healing experience
to use at your own pace.

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Survival Guide

Give yourself some time
to honour this experience &
your baby's story. 

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