My Story

As a registered social work therapist, I have supported thousands of people over the past decade through crisis, grief, loss, trauma and tragedy.  However, my work took on new levels of meaning and purpose after my daughter Nora passed away unexpectedly when she was one day old.

I created this project to address the gaps I encountered during my own experience of grief and loss.  I wanted a deep understanding of the agony and an ability to bear witness to that, yes, but I also needed a glimpse of possibility.  Hope.  Life.  I wanted practical tools to find the way out of the darkness and to be open again to life.  And I  needed to construct some meaning about my daughter’s life and how hers had intertwined with mine.  And most importantly, I wanted evidence that my daughter’s life story was not going to end as a tragedy, but that it could also be a love story.  An amazing, beautiful and vibrant love story, because this is how I want the world to know my daughter.

The Love & Loss Project is intended to help others heal through their experiences of grief and loss, as I continue to heal my own.  I believe that this process never reaches a final stage of completion, but instead will simply always be a part of my life.  An agonizing and amazing part of my life.  Which is now interwoven with yours.  Thank you for sharing this with me.

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