Virtual Mini-Retreat: 5 Ways to Calm the Storm after Baby Loss

As summer comes to an end, I’ve been thinking about the Life after Loss Healing Retreat we hosted in July and about all the women who contacted me saying that they really wanted to come be a part of it to but just weren’t able to make the journey all the way here.

The truth is, that weekend has landed on my list of the most heartfelt experiences of my lifetime. And so it upsets when I think about you not getting the chance to soak up some of that too.

I cannot fully describe what it was like to witness the weight being lifted off women’s shoulders, to hear the guilt and self-judgments getting quieter, to be a part of the sense of peacefulness that just kind of dissipated some of the darkness of loss that usually surrounds us.

I think one of the most powerful moments for me was listening to the women describe how they had been able to connect more fully with their love for their babies without getting totally flooded by the pain of their grief for the first time since their loss.

It rocked me to the core.

And it made me realize that it felt the same way for me too.  It was powerful and profound.

I want you to get to experience some of that too.

So I’m going to meet you right where you are.

And I’m going to make this super easy for you for you soak up some of the sweetness of that weekend.

This is my way of reaching back to all of you who reached out to me and told me that you needed this.

I heard you.

 And I’m bringing some of the good stuff from the Retreat directly to your house via the wonders of wifi. So you don’t even need to do your hair or leave your couch.

In fact, you are totally free to just to cozy up in your pyjamas with a cup of tea and just quietly take it all in. Or jump in, join the conversation and ask questions and get my feedback and support live in real time in this totally safe space.

So come join me and a circle of other women who understand what you are going through because they are going through their own experience of this too.

Calm the Storm: A Virtual Retreat for Life after Baby Loss is happening Sept. 14 at 8pm EST.

So register here to save your spot.

It’s free to attend but space is limited.  Come soak up some of the comfort and care you deserve.

​Here’s some of the main points you are going to be guided through:

  • ​How to cope with the roller coaster of pain, anxiety and overwhelm
  • ​Tools for moving through anger after loss with more ease & less conflict
  • ​How to feel farther from the pain but closer to our memories & love for our little ones
  • Practical ways to make this easier that you can start doing at home right now

Mark it on your calendar:

Thursday Sept. 14 @ 8pm EST, 5pm PT, 6 pm MT, 10 am AET, 3pm BST

Lots of Love,


Use this time zone converter to make sure that you don’t miss it.