How to get some Sleep after Loss


“You know that place between sleep and awake? That’s where I will always wait for you” Tinkerbell.

Does your grief keep you awake at night?  If it does, you are not alone.

Grief is full of painful contradictions.  It is utterly exhausting on all levels: mentally, physically, and emotionally.  And yet, it often prevents us from getting the sleep we so desperately need.

So how do you turn off the thoughts in your head and get some rest?

How do get through the long nights when you are alone with your pain and the darkness?

In this Q & A video, I answer the question of “How do you deal with insomnia after loss?”  by first digging a little deeper under this question.  As you already know, age old tricks like counting sheep just aren’t going to cut it when we are missing our lost little ones in the early hours of the morning.

So in this video, I help you to explore the things you may be doing to cope with your loss, that may actually be creating more suffering and upset in the nights and in the long run.  I also some practical tips and strategies to help you get the rest you need and share some ideas that worked for me after I lost my little one.


Check it out and let me know what works for you.  And if you found this video useful, I would be grateful if you would shared it with someone who may also benefit from a dose of support & comfort right now.

Bonus Tip:

This Good Night Sleep Kit from Deepak Chopra has truly helped me to quiet down my busy brain on many, many nights.  The meditation included here has been a key part of my stress tool kit for years, ever since my sister gave me this to me as a birthday gift one year.  It became especially useful after I lost my little one in helping me to get to sleep faster and deeper.


P. S.

Do you have a Q that you want me to A?  Let me know.  It may be the focus of my next post or video because if you are thinking about it, I know that there are many other people wondering the exact same thing.

Let’s break the silence together.