Dads of Steele: Coping with food, fitness & faith

For Dads

I recently had the chance to talk to someone who might be one of the sweetest guys on the planet.  David Steele is the founder of Dad’s of Steele, a support & fitness resource he created for dads who have experienced loss.

When David reached out to me, it felt like perfect timing.  I had been getting a lot of requests lately for more support for dads and for understanding our partner’s better. So I knew I needed to talk to him and hear what he had to say.

I invited David to co-host a recent virtual retreat with me to share about his experience of losing his little girl, Aubrey Violet, how he has changed his life for her, and now is helping other dads to do the same.

And I know you would love to hear David’s story too.

Watch the replay of our retreat here:

This is what you’ll hear about in our video:

  • the moment that helped David to survive the loss of his newborn baby girl
  • how he changed from feeling bitter to getting better
  • his challenges in understanding his wife & how they stay close
  • how he used food as a coping strategy and what he does now instead
  • how he uses reminders of his baby girl as motivation for his workouts & creating a happy, healthy life for his family

Etiquette Disclaimer:

(okay, so usually I wouldn’t share shirtless photos of people, but this was part of David’s feature in Men’s Health Magazine last year. And it’s pretty awesome evidence of his healing & transformation, wouldn’t you say?)

You can learn more about Dad and his work with dads here

And If you found this helpful, then please share for someone who may need it to and help me on my mission to break the silence & isolation surrounding baby loss.

Lots of Love,

P.S. If you want some extra support right now, your can get your own private session with me here


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