How to Survive the Holidays after Baby Loss


This time of year is full of cruel juxtapositions:

  • we’re suppose to be enjoying time with family, but one of our family members is missing
  • we’re witnessing tonnes of excitement over the other new babies in the family, while our baby seems to be completely forgotten
  • we’re expected to do more and more when we actually have energy for less and less

And so we can end up feeling really alone, even when we are surrounded by people.

So that’ why I want you to check out the replay of the Holiday Survival Retreat that happened last week.

In it, I’m offering you some new ways of moving through this time of year that have been helpful both for me and for the other women I’ve worked with.
 I’m going to help you get really clear on what you need and how to get that in a way that works for you.
So grab a cup of tea and your notebook and find a quiet, comfy place.  Because this workshop is going to help you to:
  • slow down & catch your breath
  • set some clear intentions for season (hint, Survival is a great goal for a grieving mom right now)
  • get conscious with your calendar and your to-do lists and your to-don’t lists 
  • create new traditions that better fit the reality of a grieving family

And if you would like a bit more support right now you can learn more about working with me one to one here and check out more support & resources  here.

Lots of Love,


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