Kierra Taplin: Healing by Helping Others


Do you ever find yourself thinking of ways to help other parents who are also going through the experience of infant loss?

As you know, this is one of the key strategies that I use to keep my daughter in my life.  So I love seeing how other moms are also cultivating this idea into their healing.

Which is why I want to introduce you to Kierra Taplin.  Kierra is the founder and director of Healing Footprints Foundation.  Her organization helps families in her local area with things like planning and paying for burial arrangements, getting connected with grief counselling, and even making and distributing angel gowns, tiny little burial garments for babies of all sizes so that parents are spared from the at least some of the awful, agonizing but necessary tasks that are required after losing a little one.

I came across a post on IG about her beautiful angel gowns and I instantly knew I needed to meet her and hear more about how she was intentionally making use of the love that remains after loss.

Here’s some of the key points that stood out to me during our conversation and that I think you will want to check out:

  • how service to others helped Kierra to experience joy again
  • her goal of finding purpose within the pain of loss
  • how your grief can make you stronger than you can imagine
  • the thoughts of guilt and responsibility that we each experienced after loss
  • behind the scenes of The Healing Footprints Foundation
  • how grief changed Kierra and helped her to love bigger and hug more!
  • her message that “You get there one breath at a time.”

Kierra is an incredible example of what love after loss looks like in action.  So check out her words of wisdom and let me know what parts stood out most to you.  And if you found this useful, then please share it with a friend and help me on my mission to break the silence and isolation surrounding infant loss.

You can find and info on her organization at and on IG @healingfootprints


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