Living With No Fear of Death: The Wisdom of Wayne Dyer

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I was incredibly saddened to hear of the passing of Dr. Wayne Dyer.   He has been one of my go-to guru’s for many years now.  His words and writing have truly been significant source of comfort and encouragement in my life.   Just two nights ago, I was reading his 30th and final book, Change your Thoughts, Change your Life, specifically the 74th Verse of the Tao, titled “Living with no Fear of Death.”  Like the rest of the world, I was stunned to hear that he passed away the next day.  The 74th verse, as relayed by Wayne Dyer, read:

“If you realize that all things change, there is nothing you will try to hang on to, 

If you are not afraid of dying, there is nothing you cannot achieve.”

He then goes on to explain “Your real self is not in this world… and so death is irrelevant.”  I have so much respect for this almost incomprehensible level of trust, because ultimately, that’s what this idea really represents, isn’t it?  TRUST.  Trust that we are going to be okay.  That everything is okay.   That we are a part of something so much bigger than ourselves, and in that something we are still connected, deeply connected, to our loved ones who have left this Earth before we wanted them to and to everything that is good and right and safe.

He suggests that death has “been choreographed, determined and allowed to unfold in Divine Timing,” meaning it is never our place to rush or restrict death, it is all happening as it should without our interference.  It is simply the beginning of the next adventure.  Nothing more, nothing less.  This idea brings me peace.  We live in such a death-phobic culture that there is almost no room for the loss of a loved one to be experienced as anything but horrific, unjust and traumatizing.  Wayne seemed to reject this whole western notion of death and replaced it with something different:  Infinite Oneness.  Endless Love.

Dr. Dyer tells us to utilize meditation to embrace “dying while still alive,” which is to disconnect from the idea that our physical shell is who we are.  He urges us that by doing so, we are able shed our fear of death and tap into our “real self.”   In honor of Dr. Wayne Dyer, 1940-2015, here are five more suggestions from me for how to practice “dying while still alive:”

  1.  talk to your loved ones who left this world before you. they can still hear you.
  2.  send love to your loved ones who are still in this world with you.  they are still beside you.
  3.  spread love and kindness.  the light already surrounds you. let it flow through you.
  4.  honor your own life.  You are ALIVE.  how amazing is that?  we may not know what the next adventure will be,  but this one is happening right now.  feel it. do something with it.  live the life you want to now.
  5.  decide this is true:  Wayne tells us that snowflakes never go away, they simply change form, solid to liquid, liquid to solid, from the seen to unseen.  This is you.  This is the love you thought you lost.  Together. Melting into ONENESS.

While I will miss you in this world, Dr. Dyer, I send you love, light and joy in your travels through the next.


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