Being called a Drama Queen?


Are you overreacting in your grief?  Or are you just torturing yourself with accusations that you might be?

  • Maybe I should be over this by now.
  • Maybe I shouldn’t be as upset as I am.
  • Her baby was further along than mine.  It’s probably worse for her.
  • Everyone expects me to be fine.  Maybe they’re right.

So often we torture ourselves without even realizing that is what we are doing.   But make no mistake about it: that is exactly what you are doing.  Thoughts like these don’t serve us.  They’re not true.  They are just one of the many tricks that Grief can play with our minds.

Allowing these thoughts to run wild, however, can really get in the way of our healing and slow down our growth.  If we don’t allow ourselves to even acknowledge that we have the right to feel what we feel after losing a baby, then how do we begin to move through the pain and heal?

And because I hear these ideas so often from women, I made this video to address what these questions really mean and what we can do about them.  Let me know what you think in the comments, and if you like this video please share it with someone else who may benefit.  Thank you!





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